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Progressive Fitness Software is a powerful exercise tracking tool for Personal Trainers and regular fitness participants to keep detailed records of exercise progress.  Workouts can be built one session at a time on the Individual Training Session screen or designed in simple or complex training plans created on the Progression Design screen.  Watch the video the first few video tutorials to be ready to download and start using Progressive Fitness Software in minutes.
Progressive Fitness Software
FREE exercise tracking and progression design software application for personal trainers!

1. Quickly build simple or complex training progressions.
-Visualize the progression of exercise difficulty while designing workouts with this free fitness software.
-This app for Personal Trainers allows you to design up to 60 Training Sessions at a time. This could be viewed multiple ways
(2x/week for more than 1/2 year or 3x week for 4 months, etc)

2. Quickly build single training sessions on the Individual Training Session (ITS) screen.
-Add sets and reps with just a few mouse clicks.
-Progressive Fitness Software automatically enters resistance amounts if they have been defined for the exerciser!

3. Analyze workouts from multiple statistical perspectives with detailed training records.
-Analyze both entire sessions and individual exercises
-Analyze training progressions in advance or compare results between training sessions
4. Great exercise software to teach new Personal Trainers or college students the “art” of  designing training progressions for
fitness and performance!
5. Progressive Fitness Software runs with the security of using the Microsoft Windows    Operating System.
6. Personal Trainers can email sessions to clients in PDF format.
7. Add video/web links to client files and emailed training sessions.
8.Internet access not required for use! (except to email sessions or use hyperlinks)
9. Loads (resistance) automatically fills in if RMs are defined for the exerciser.
10. Variety of tools to progress exercises (% Max, Fixed Reps, RM planning, etc)
11. Gym’s can set up a generic email account and easily receive copies of every workout performed in their facilities.
12. Export Individual Exercise History (IEH) to Microsoft Excel, email, or print IEH!
13. Store client files on a OneDrive for all trainers with Microsoft Office installed (not including all Windows RT machines)

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